Ferrari 2024

Ferrari 2024  is synonymous with luxury, speed, and danger. These attributes are not only evident in the high-end sports cars that the brand produces but are also deeply rooted in the life of Enzo Ferrari. Enzo, a former Formula One driver, channeled his ambition into creating a renowned automotive company named after himself. His life was marked by extravagance and risk-taking, which propelled his name into fame even among those outside the automotive world.

A Glimpse into ‘Ferrari’ (2024)

Ferrari 2024

The movie ‘Ferrari’ (2024) delves into a pivotal summer in 1957. During this time, Enzo Ferrari, portrayed by Adam Driver, is focused on winning the Mille Miglia, a crucial Formula One race. Victory is essential for the future of his company. Meanwhile, his wife Laura, played by Penélope Cruz, struggles with the grief of losing their only son. Her suspicions about Enzo’s infidelity, involving Lina Lardi (Shailene Woodley), further complicate matters. As the co-steward of Ferrari, Laura’s role becomes crucial as Enzo tries to salvage his crumbling family life and the company’s declining fortunes.

Comparisons to Previous Films

‘Ferrari’ is not the first film to explore Enzo Ferrari’s life. Previous films like ‘Enzo Ferrari’ (2003) and the documentary ‘Ferrari: Race to Immortality’ (2017) have touched upon similar themes. However, what sets ‘Ferrari’ apart is the directorial style of Michael Mann. Known for his ability to bring biographical stories to life with vivid detail, Mann previously showcased his talent in ‘Ali’ (2001), which earned an Oscar nomination.

A Deeper Look into the Screenplay

In this film, the screenplay by Troy Kennedy Martin and Brock Yates centers on Enzo’s struggle to cope with his son’s death and his efforts to rebuild a family with Lina Lardi. Parallel to these personal challenges is his pursuit of victory in the Mille Miglia, despite numerous obstacles, including safety concerns with Ferrari’s Formula One cars, which were notorious for their high accident rates. This safety issue poignantly mirrors Enzo’s personal loss and his devotion to the Ferrari company.

Character Analysis

Ferrari 2024

The core of Enzo Ferrari’s character in this film remains his drive to win, both on the racetrack and in his personal life. Martin and Yates craft a narrative that highlights Ferrari as both a family name and a business emblem, embodying Enzo’s relentless ambition. The screenplay emphasizes that Enzo’s battles extend beyond racing to his tumultuous personal life, where Laura fights to preserve the Ferrari name she helped build, and Enzo strives to ensure his company’s legacy.

Michael Mann’s Directorial Vision

Although the film’s plot might not surprise those familiar with Enzo Ferrari’s history, Michael Mann’s interpretation brings a fresh perspective. Mann’s direction allows Adam Driver to explore the multifaceted nature of Enzo, portraying him not just as a legendary figure but as a deeply human character with both admirable and repellent traits. Driver’s performance, particularly in emotionally charged scenes like visiting his son’s grave and navigating his relationships with Laura and Lina, cements his status as a versatile actor.

Outstanding Performances

Ferrari 2024

Penélope Cruz delivers a powerful performance as Laura Ferrari, conveying a mother’s devastation with minimal dialogue, especially in poignant scenes like her visit to her son’s grave. Her portrayal underscores the personal stakes of the Ferrari name, beyond its glamorous business connotations. Shailene Woodley, returning to the screen as Lina Lardi, brings warmth and depth to her role, making her character sympathetic despite her complicated position.

Supporting Characters

Gabriel Leone’s portrayal of Alfonso de Portago, a charismatic Ferrari team driver, adds another layer to the story. Although his character’s screen time is limited, he plays a crucial role in the film’s shocking climax, demonstrating the dangerous allure of the racing world.


In summary, ‘Ferrari 2024‘ is a compelling biographical film that should not be missed. With a well-crafted script and exceptional direction by Michael Mann, it offers a nuanced portrayal of Enzo Ferrari’s life, balancing his professional ambitions with his personal struggles. The film is a testament to Mann’s storytelling prowess and is best appreciated on the big screen.

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